Set Sail With This Trailer For Survival Thriller 'The Boat', World Premiering At Fantastic F

A trailer has been released for The Boat ahead of it's World Premiere at the upcoming Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. This looks like a rather unique and uncomfortable flick, give the trailer a watch and let us know what you think in the comments!

In the film, "A lone fisherman, lost in the deep mist, boards an abandoned sailboat. Finding no signs of life, he emerges back on deck only to discover his own boat has disappeared. What follows is a nightmarish journey in which he becomes imprisoned inside as the boat presses on into unknown waters."

Building on a tradition of eerie, ghostly British tales, The Boat is a menacing thrill ride that pits a violent survival drama against the supernatural. In the leading role, Joe Azzopardi excels as the fisherman, a practical man whose quick thinking and sea-faring experience ensure that his fight against the unnatural force is more than even.

Winston Azzopardi, the longtime producer, makes his directorial debut alongside his son and collaborator, Joe Azzopardi, who co-wrote and stars in the film.


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