Fangoria Is Bringing Back The "Scream Greats" Feature With This Gorgeous Poster

As most of you already know, the legendary horror magazine, Fangoria, is under new ownership and being revived this October. CryptTeaze has now learned that the "Scream Greats" feature will be revived with it, starting things off with an absolutely astonishing pull-out poster from the artist behind Ghost's (band) album covers.

“One of my favorite things about early Fango was the “Scream Greats” poster. It was usually a grainy set photo of a specific film’s practical effects, and it was printed on the back of the cover as a fold-out. Many Fango covers were torn off during the “Scream Greats” poster craze of the ‘80s," said publisher Dallas Sonnier. "We knew we wanted to bring back the “Scream Greats” tradition, but we knew it had to be done in a way that didn’t deface our new magazine. We also wanted to up our game in terms of what was featured on that poster.”

Sonnier continues, “So I cold-called Zbigniew M. Bielak, the artist from Poland who’s responsible for all the amazing GHOST album covers. Zbigniew got what we wanted immediately, and delivered a poster that exceeded all our expectations. The 16”x22” poster is gently inserted inside the issue (no tearing!), and we’re honored to feature it as a bonus to subscribers.”

You can check out the poster in all of its glory below and subscribe to Fangoria to receive yours this October.


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