Popcorn Frights Presents John Carpenter's 'Halloween' 40th Anniversary Presentation

Popcorn Frights is kicking-off its inaugural Wicked Weekend by carving up John Carpenter’s slasher classic Halloween for its 40th anniversary and in a newly mastered 4K restoration. Tickets are available now!

Celebrate Wicked Weekend with a four night John Carpenter bash featuring Halloween, Christine, The Thing, and They Live, from October 4th - 7th. The trick is to stay alive!

All screenings will take place exclusively at the historic Savor Cinema theater with free garage parking available next door.

To purchase early bird All-Access Passes click here. To see the complete Wicked Weekend schedule click here.


40th Anniversary!


Directed by John Carpenter

USA | 91 min | 1978

The night HE came home! John Carpenter’s horror classic introduced us to a young man named Michael Myers “with the devil’s eyes” who escapes a mental hospital to come back to Haddonfield and terrorize a group of babysitters (including Jamie Lee Curtis and P.J. Soles) while being pursued by his doctor (Donald Pleasence) who knows all too well the terror coming to town.


35th Anniversary!


Directed by John Carpenter

USA | 110 min | 1983

Adapted from Stephen King’s novel, CHRISTINE plays like a greatest hits compilation from Carpenter and King’s respective careers. It’s all here — the cutting synths, the gliding camera, the faceless evil, and the impending sense of doom. And it’s all held together by Keith Gordon’s affecting performance as Arnie Cunningham, who goes to bat for the outcast in all of us.


New Restoration!


Directed by John Carpenter

USA | 109 min | 1982

Kurt Russell’s beautiful beard captains the manliest of manly casts in John Carpenter’s monster masterpiece of aliens, paranoia, and sub-zero temperatures. Twelve men have just discovered…something. For 100,000 years it was buried in the snow and ice. Now, it has found a place to live…inside the closest warm body, where no one can see, hear, or even feel it. Be ready for hours and hours of paranoid fun!


30th Anniversary!


Directed by John Carpenter

USA | 94 min | 1988

You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you. You’re wrong. Dead wrong. The late-great heroic maniac, Rowdy Roddy Piper, stars as a homeless drifter who stumbles across a box full of Hyper-advanced sunglasses that provide him with the sight to view skinless spacemen who are subliminally enslaving humans.



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