Full Details Revealed For 'Ash Vs. Evil Dead: The Complete Collection'

This Halloween season, you can experience all three chainsaw-wielding seasons of the hilarious, critically acclaimed, most-watched comedy on Starz when the "Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete Collection" arrives on Blu-ray (plus Digital) and DVD October 16th from Lionsgate. Legendary horror icon Bruce Campbell stars in this series that follows up Sam Raimi’s cult-classic horror film The Evil Dead. The Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete Collection 6-disc Blu-ray and DVD also includes hours of bonus content.

"Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), the chainsaw-wielding, wisecracking antihero of the legendary The Evil Dead films, is back for more gore-filled adventure in this complete 30-episode collection of the “Ash vs Evil Dead” TV series. Follow Ash’s journey as he returns home to Elk Grove, Michigan, meets his long-lost daughter, and unites with former enemy Ruby (Lucy Lawless) and fellow demon fighters Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) for a final blood-splattering stand to save the world!"

You can pre-order your copy from Amazon.

Season 1 Special Features

  • “Inside the World of Ash” Featurette

  • “How to Kill a Deadite” Featurette

  • “Best of Ash” Featurette

  • Audio Commentaries

Season 2 Special Features

  • “Season 2 First Look” Featurette

  • “Inside the World of Ash vs Evil Dead” Featurette

  • “Up Your Ash” Featurette

  • “Women Who Kick Ash” Featurette

  • “Puppets Are Cute” Featurette

  • “Dawn of the Spawn” Featurette

  • “Bringing Henrietta Back” Featurette

  • “The Delta” Featurette

  • “How to Kill a Deadite” Featurette

  • “Fatality Mash-Up” Featurette

  • Audio Commentaries

Season 3 Special Features

  • “Season Overview” Featurette

  • “Inside the World of Ash vs Evil Dead” Featurette

  • Audio Commentaries


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