Reel Nightmare Films Has Acquired 'The Laplace's Demon' For US Distribution

Reel Nightmare Films has acquired North American rights to The Laplace’s Demon, the critically-acclaimed horror feature by italian filmmaker Giordano Giulivi.

An audience favorite of the horror film festival circuit, The Laplace’s Demon has recently screened at the Fantasia Film Festival and the Arrow Video FrightFest 2018. It won multiple awards during the most recent edition of Screamfest in Los Angeles, including Best Score, Cinematography and Visual Effects.

“Eight scientists working on a device that could predict the future are lured to a mansion on a deserted island by a mysterious professor interested on their findings. As they uncover their role in their host’s deadly experiment, a scale model with eight self-propelled pawns begins predicting their every move.”

Reel Nightmare Films will release the The Laplace’s Demon on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video and other digital platforms in the United States and Canada this Fall.

The Laplace’s Demon is inspired by the theory of the same name, which concludes that the universe is a huge clock where humans are nothing but its cogs: predictable and incapable of free will. The Laplace’s Demon has been described as “A Hitchcock-level of Suspense” by

“The Laplace’s Demon unfolds like an all-time great Twilight Zone episode with an atmospheric gothic style.” Says Art Arutyunyan, Head of Development at Reel Nightmare Films.

Armand Petri of Reel Nightmare Films negotiated the deal with Pietroantonio Isola at Rome’s EPT Consulting SRL on behalf of AstroLab Pictures. Alessandro Zonfrilli, Carlotta Mazzoncini, Duccio Giulivi, Ferdinando D’Urbano, Silvano Bertolin, Simone Moscato, Simone Valeri, and Walter Smorti star.

“With a suspenseful premise that successfully stays away from cheap thrills, and a highly distinctive look; The Laplace’s Demon is a frightening film you won’t forget.” Says Petri. “Reel Nightmare Films is honored to be releasing such a memorable project.”

Produced by Silvano Bertolin, Ferdinando D’Urbano, Duccio Giulivi, and writer/director Giordano Giulivi; The Laplace’s Demon will be released in the US & Canada just in time for Halloween.


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