[Review] 'Mandy' Is One Of The Most Memorable Cinematic Experiences Of The Year

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mandy! Insanity by the pound. Vengeance by the gallon. And cinematography on a Roger Deakings level.

If you were to take acid, somehow fall into a "slow wave sleep" and then have a visceral and unforgettable dream about a vengeful rage...it would look something like this. Mandy managed to take one of the most tired of premises, the revenge flick, and turn it into one of the more memorable cinematic experiences of 2018.

Writer/Director Panos Cosmatos (best name ever) and Nicolas Cage are a match made in cinematic horror heaven. In film, I truly believe that timing is everything. And this movie is the very definition of that statement. Cosmatos had a vision. Cage fit that vision perfectly. As it is for most, Cage is an acquired taste. That said, the audience won't be able to picture anyone else playing this role.

This story takes place sometime circa '83, and somewhere in the woods. Red Miller (Cage) and Mandy (Andrea Riseborough) live a quiet and quaint life. Unbeknownst to them an entity, darker than the darkest parts of the universe, is about to take the very simple, the very happy life away from the couple.

Red's wife is abducted by... I'LL NEVER TELL YOU. SEE IT FOR YOURSELF.

The colors and movement of each shot are sublime. Benjamin Loeb, the cinematographer, will be a name you will start to see more and more, guaranteed. Editor Brett W. Bachman did an amazing job making sense of the dailies that were no doubt mind-boggling to receive. Without listing everyone involved in the art, set design, and special effects departments - Wow.

Fuck it - round of applause to the entire cast and crew.

The best for last - The score was perfect. Easily one of my favorites of this year. RIP to a beautiful composer gone too soon - Johann Johannsson.

Mandy is now available on VOD and will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD on October 30th. Pre-order your copy HERE.


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