'90s Throwback Slasher 'Mr. Cleaver' Chops Its Way Onto DVD This Month

Reel Nightmare Films is releasing their popular horror slasher Mr. Cleaver on DVD on Tuesday, September 28th via Amazon.com. Directed by Nikolaus Wendelsdorf, Mr. Cleaver has been described as, “…a sex, drugs, and gore throwback to the straight to video slasher movies of the early 90s.”

Be warned, the trailer is definitely NSFW but its well worth a watch!

In the film, “Seven gutter punks break into a seemingly abandoned warehouse only to find themselves hunted by its bloodthirsty owner.”

“Making a full-course meal out of its lean budget, Mr. Cleaver is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for viewers craving juicy horror moments and a big slice of nostalgia during this Halloween season;” says Armand Petri of Reel Nightmare Films. “We are thrilled to be releasing this fun and hard-to-find slasher on DVD for all horror collectors out there.”

A DVD pre-order of Mr. Cleaver at Amazon.com is now available, HERE.

Mr. Cleaver is currently available On Demand on Amazon Prime Video in the US, UK and Germany; and it’s also available to international audiences on Vimeo On Demand.


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