'Stranger Things' Halloween Sounds From The Upside Down Coming To Vinyl

Lakeshore Records and Netflix have announced that they are bringing the "Stranger Things Halloween Sounds From The Upside Down" soundtrack to vinyl this October! The release features 14 tracks of spooky music created by series composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein and will be pressed on “Pumpkin Orange” vinyl.

"Bringing the Halloween sounds of Hawkins to vinyl for the first time! This album harkens back to a magical time when spooky sounds would accompany your Halloween parties."

You can pre-order the release now from Lakeshore Records webstore. If you don't wan to wait for the vinyl release, the "Halloween Sounds From The Upside Down" digital album will be available on October 5th.


Side A 01. Turn On The Lights 02. Sick Of Cow 03. Power Maintenance 04. Roars From The Lab 05. Mercy 06. Shadow In The Tunnel 07. Do You Accept The Risk? 08. Tree Slime 09. Entering The Cellar

Side B 10. A Familiar Shape 11. The Spy 12. Turn Right & Run 13. They Hurt Me 14. Possessed


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