[Trailer] From The Producer Of 'Iron Sky' Comes Swissploitation Film 'Mad Heidi'

We've seen it all when it comes to exploitation cinema, Blaxploitation, Mexploitation, Sexploitation, Nunsploitation, Naziploitation. We think it’s about time for the first Swissploitation film! Behold, Mad Heidi, the first feature from director Johannes Hartmann. Watch the film's teaser below! You'll never look at fondue the same way again...

"The Heidi story moved the hearts of whole generations around the world. But meanwhile Heidi has grown up, just like us. She ain’t no sweet little kid anymore.

In the near future the world is sinking into war and chaos, but Switzerland has sealed itself off as an island of the rich. An egocentric heir of a multi-billionaire cheese empire is ruling the country with an iron fist to maintain an artificial postcard-image of Switzerland. When Heidi is abducted by the brutal government troops, she must fight back against the cheese-fueled machinery of hate. They will soon realize they just fucked with the wrong Heidi!"

Johannes Hartmann is joined by producers Valentin Greutert and Tero Kaukomaa (Producer, Iron Sky). They need our help to fun the film, you can support the film through the purchase of "Heidi Bonds" and merchandise. These purchases will directly help fund the film. Details on crowd funding can be found HERE.


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