Celebrate Cinema's Most Iconic Era, Help Fund '80s Horror Doc 'In Search Of Darkness&#39

For the first time in horror history, In Search of Darkness will bring together ‘80s horror icons, modern horror greats, and popular horror influencers to create the most complete retrospective documentary of the genre ever made!

We're beyond excited to announce that the film's Kickstarter campaign has officially launched and is already on the path to success! In addition to supporting this amazing project, you can also score some fantastic perks, such as Blu-ray and DVD copies of the film, signed posters, T-shirts, and more! Check out the official trailer below and read on for further details regarding the film.

Names already attached to the project include directors Stuart Gordon, Mick Garris, Larry Cohen, and Joe Dante. Actors like Adrienne Barbeau and Dee Wallace join genre experts in talking about movies from the decade of new wave like Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Ghoulies, and The Stuff.

In Search of Darkness goes beyond the veil of the films and looks at the decade that inspired them. It was a time that saw the fear of reality leaking into the fears on film with AIDS, crime, and the terror of possible nuclear war be front and center on the 10 o’clock news to give us nightmares before bed. These nightmares would still be there when we woke in the morning and would help shape the celluloid dreams of filmmakers into the stuff of screaming legends.

CreatorVC has put together a fantastic team of influencers and advisors (including CryptTeaze) to ensure the documentary gives fans a film they will truly enjoy and that will transport them back to their time growing up in front of the warm glow of a TV screen while the VCR fed their greedy brains a steady diet of blood and monsters.

But now they need YOU, the Horror community, to see this project to completion. The funding goal ($32,330) they have on Kickstarter is the absolute minimum needed to make this happen!

Your contributions towards the project will go towards the costs of production, filming interviews, Kickstarter fees, post-production and the marketing necessary to create a high-quality documentary that does this era of Horror the justice it deserves.

So, what are you waiting for? Support the definitive '80s horror documentary NOW! You can also follow the project on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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