From The Depths Of Hell Comes 'The Unnamable' On Blu-ray And DVD

The are things on God's Earth that we can't explain, and we can't describe.

Restored as a beautiful 4K scan and color corrected from the original negative, this beast will be unleashed on DVD October 9th and Blu-ray October 23rd from Unearthed Films. The stereo, 5.1 and DTS surround sound will blow your face off.

"College students from Miskatonic University who retreat to an early 18th-century mansion for a weekend of lust are stalked by a grotesque and demonic female miscreation in this horror film taken from a story by H.P. Lovecraft. The female demon delights in tearing her human victims apart in the service of a centuries-old family curse. Bloody, graphic violence and nudity are combined with campy fun in this classic Lovecraftian tale of horror."

The first 2,000 Limited Edition Blu-rays include a special slip sleeve cover, after those sell, all Blu-rays feature the classic cover from 1988. The DVD also features the classic 1988 cover.

Special Features:

  • Video interview with actors, Charles Klausmeyer and Mark Kinsey Stephenson

  • Video interview with actor, Eben Ham

  • Video interview with actor, Laura Albert

  • Video interview with actor, Mark Parra

  • Video interviews with R. Christopher Biggs, special makeup effects artist and makeup artist, Camille Calvet

  • Audio commentary with Charles Klausmeyer, Mark Stephenson, Laura Albert, Eben Ham, Camille Calvet and R. Christopher Biggs

Pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD today!


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