Help Bring 'Babysitter Massacre' Back And Into Franchise Status

Over 5 years ago, filmmaker Henrique Couto embarked on a very special endeavor, He wrote, produced, and directed a film called Babysitter Massacre. It ended up becoming the last independent film on the shelves of Blockbuster as well as streaming on Amazon Prime Video very early in that platform. This led to it finding a really strong audience, and establishing Couto and many of the performers in film.

"When I made the film I was fulfilling a fandom of 80s horror films creating my own slasher movie, I tried to homage to my favorites," said Couto. "Not just Halloween and Friday the 13th, but Sorority House Massacre, Sleepaway Camp, and Slumber Party Massacre. After several successful Kickstarters for comedies and dramas I've decided to come back looking to fulfill one last fandom for Babysitter Massacre... The FRANCHISE."

Today, the writer/director is asking you to help him make not one, but TWO films. Two horror films to bring the Babysitter Massacre name into a new echelon. Take a look at the Babysitter Massacre II: Slay Bells and Babysitter Massacre III: Overnight throwback posters and summaries below.

You can help FUND THE FILM via its Kickstarter campaign.

Babysitter Massacre II: Slay Bells will follow the storyline of the first film 2 months after the original events at Christmas time, continuing and bringing that story to it's conclusion. As Christmas break hits Ray Falls, Ohio MORE girls are turning up dead, are they related to the events of Halloween Night? PLEDGE AND FIND OUT! It will feature the return of Joni Durian and Erin R. Ryan. Black Christmas and Silent Night, Deadly Night are on the menu in this holiday carnage.

Babysitter Massacre III: Overnight will be an entirely new story, with a new killer and a new cast. Follow in the tradition of camp slashers like The Burning and Sleepaway Camp.


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