X-Rated Cut Of RoboCop' Is Now Streaming On Amazon Prime

There's no denying that Paul Verhoeven‘s RoboCop is an ultra violent film. Before it was released it was slapped with an X-rating by the MPAA, forcing Verhoeven to cut a lot of the gore before the film's release in 1987.

According to this reddit user, Amazon Prime is now streaming the original 103-minute X-rated cut! We're unsure if this is a mistake on Amazon's part but if you've never seen this cut, you should watch it while you can...you know, just in case it's replaced with the R-rated version.

Wiki explains the differences between each cut:

“To appease the requirements of the ratings board, Verhoeven reduced the blood and gore in the most violent scenes in the movie, including ED-209’s shooting of Kinney in the boardroom, Bobby being shot in the leg, the Boddicker gang’s execution of Murphy with shotguns, and the final battle with Boddicker (in which RoboCop stabs him in the neck with his neural spike and Boddicker’s blood spatters onto RoboCop’s chest). Verhoeven also added humorous commercials throughout the news broadcasts to lighten the mood and distract from the violent aspects of the movie (most of the commercials satirize various aspects of the American consumer culture, such as the commercial for the 6000 SUX sedan).“


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