Heavy Metal Zombie Film 'Zombinatrix' Launches Kickstarter Campaign

"She's into whips and BRAINS!"

Zombinatrix is a very stylized, sleek, and sexy horror film, which follows the story of a tantalizing zombie dominatrix. Director Michael Kyne's love of the horror films and heavy metal music of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s leaves an indelible mark on the aesthetics of the film, with elaborate costuming, striking locations, extravagant sets, and impeccable lighting.

Expect to see ample amounts of blood, monsters, and classic practical special effects, including stop motion animation courtesy of award-winning and established artists like Webster Colcord and Ralph Cordero.

In the film, "After Mistress Tawny (Bianca Allaine), a beautiful and popular dominatrix, is brutally murdered by an unsavory gang of thugs, she mysteriously rises from the grave to seek vengeance on her killers. As the supernatural Zombinatrix, she takes great pleasure in incorporating her sadistic kinks into killing any poor soul who stands in her way."

Michael Kyne has recently launched Zombinatix's Kickstarter campaign to help finish the film, which is on course to hit its goal ($10,000) at nearly 50% funded in just a few days! This campaign features some fantastic perks for those who contribute, including Blu-rays, DVDs, a retro VHS pack, posters, an enamel pin, and more!

If you're into the cheesy, sleazy, and gore-filled flicks of the '80s, I highly recommend that you check out Zombinatrix and support independent filmmaking!


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