'Antrum', Dubbed "The Deadliest Film Ever Made" Gets A Trailer

Ahead of premiering at this year's Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, Michael Laicini and David Amito‘s Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made has received a new trailer. The film begins with a documentary style that leads into the "world's deadliest film" you've never heard of or seen, titled Antrum.

The festival details: "There’s a reason why you haven’t seen ANTRUM: because you’d be dead. This occult-heavy horror film shot back in the ’70s focuses on a pair of young siblings who head into the woods to grieve over a dead pet and unwittingly discover a literal Hell on Earth. The film has achieved notoriety due to it’s troubled lifespan: A theater in Budapest screened it in 1988 and burned to the ground; several film festival programmers attempted to play it before mysteriously dying; and a violent and blood-drenched San Francisco riot followed a mid-’90s revival effort. Believed to be cursed, ANTRUM has since been untouched—until now.

Bookending the original 35mm ANTRUM print with an all-new documentary about the film’s legend, filmmakers Michael Laicini and David Amito have packaged a truly singular viewing experience, one part catnip for film historians and a much bigger part experientially demonic cinema."

Visit www.antrumdeadliestfilm.com for more details.


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