'Bearacuda' Secures A Home Video Release Through Concept Media

Vulgar Films and director Mac Brewer have announced that the horror short Bearacuda will be released by Concept Media on Blu-ray and DVD.

Bearacuda is the first short of many from Vulgar Films. Vulgar Films was founded in 2016 by Horror Society's Mac Brewer and former Bloody Banter & Bazaar reviewer Ryan Musick with the goal in mind to create low budget films that they both love so much.

Concept Media is known throughout the horror community for their original films Midsummer Nightmares, Ladies Night, Don’t Fuck in the Woods, and Bludgeon. Concept Media recently announced their indie distribution label Select Cuts with the release of Tory Jones’ Killbillies. Bearacuda will mark the second release in the Select Cuts line.

Bearacuda is Brewer’s first film and is an Ed Wood approach to the bigfoot/sasquatch films of the 70s and stars Angela Pritchett (Plan 9, Porkchop 2), Allison Egan (Amityville: No Escape, Halloween Spookies), Josh Miller (CarousHELL, Nothing Good Ever Happens), and Richie Acevedo (WrestleMassacre, White Boy Rick).


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