Laurie Prepares To Defend Herself In Jason Edmiston's Poster For 'Halloween: 40 Years of Ter

Ahead of this weekend's Halloween: 40 Years of Terror, artist Jason Edmiston has teamed up with Mondo and revealed his gorgeous new poster that will be sold during the event, celebrating 40 years of John Carpenter's Halloween. This poster is a perfect companion piece to his previous Halloween poster that featured Michael breaking into the closet, seen from the perspective of Laurie.

Jason Edmiston said, "In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the landmark horror movie, I'm excited to reveal my new officially licensed poster for HALLOWEEN! This is a spiritual successor to my screen print that I created for Mondo back in 2015. In the previous poster, Michael Myers was seen from the perspective of a vulnerable, terrified Laurie Strode about to be attacked. This new poster turns the tables and the point of view, after Laurie stabs The Shape in the eye with a coat hanger, grabs his dropped knife, and prepares to defend herself." This screen print will debut this weekend, at Halloween: 40 Years of Terror, in Pasadena, CA, October 12th-14th, 2018. Copies will be available at the Pasadena Convention Center, on Saturday the 13th, and Sunday the 14th, only at Jason's booth. For show hours and details, go to: Halloween by Jason Edmiston 24"x36" Screen Print, Edition of 325, $50 ea. Limit 2 per customer, per day. Copies will be allotted for both days.


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