'Immortal Macabre' Will Scare You, Shock You, And Make Your Skin Crawl

What connects skin-erupting parasites, an adulterous romance novelist, and scalped children buried in shallow graves?

These are the nightmarish events that a young woman rushes to piece together as her comfortable life rapidly crumbles into bloody fragments. Are these merely random and unconnected dreams, or is this horror part of a hidden tapestry, known only as...IMMORTAL MACABRE.

Immortal Macabre is an upcoming anthology film from director Danny Gosser that is packed full of mystery, suspense, gore, the occult, demonically disquieted deadskis, a batshit crazy old woman, and much more. The film is currently crowd funding on Kickstarter with a goal of $50,000 and needs your help to make it a reality! Of course, there's plenty of fantastic perks available for those who contribute, so go check out the campaign and support indie horror!


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