Cavitycolors Celebrates The 40th Anniversary Of John Carpenter’s 'Halloween' With Two Collec

On October 25th, John Carpenter's iconic Halloween will turn 40 years old! To celebrate the film's fourth decade in existence, Cavitycolors will be releasing a scented soy wax candle that features stunning artwork from Devon Whitehead and a mystery enamel pin hidden at the bottom! In addition to the candle, they'll be releasing a gorgeous turntable slipmat with a double-sided art print, also featuring artwork by Devon Whitehead.

From Cavitycolors: "We’re so incredibly excited to reveal our officially licensed HALLOWEEN 40th Anniversary Scented Soy Wax Candle,and a little something for your turntable to accompany your HALLOWEEN vinyl, an official Turntable Slipmat!

Each candle contains a MYSTERY ENAMEL PIN embedded at the bottom of every jar, PLUS an exclusive collectors box featuring 5 full panels of gorgeous Halloween artwork designed by Devon Whitehead. This is a must have for your collection!

Available online THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18th @ 5 PM EST.

We wanted to create a truly collectible, unique item to celebrate 40 years of the immortal classic. Something that's never officially been done for the film that would literally bring the essence of Halloween night right into your home. The candle scent profile is a custom mix we created that captures the atmosphere of that dark Halloween night 40 years ago in Haddonfield. The night HE came home.

With notes of Sweet Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Dead Leaves, and a subtle hint of apple. It smells absolutely delicious!

  • PRICE: $45 for the Candle, Collectors Box, and Mystery Pin inside!

  • Approx. 11 oz. of 100% Soy Wax

  • Approx. 35 Hour Burn Time

  • Limit 2 per person.

  • The first 1,000 candles will contain the 40th Anniversary logo on the box. in 2019, it will be replaced with the classic HALLOWEEN logo.

And now for the TURNTABLE SLIPMAT!

This year, there has been a plethora of stellar vinyl releases for almost every film in the Halloween franchise. We wanted to provide something that would compliment those records, while also giving Halloween fans a beautiful piece of art that can be enjoyed by placing on your turntable to shine through those clear or color records, OR framing it like a print.

Each High Quality Turntable Slipmat is packaged with a heavy stock, double sided insert that contains the iconic Jack-O-Lantern, as well as a version of the artwork on the back.

  • PRICE: $22 for the Turntable Slipmat, with double sided Art Print insert.

  • High quality, full color print on smooth, ultra soft 21 oz. Felt Slipmats

  • SIZE: 12" inches - Will fit any standard 12" turntable. New or old.

  • Comes sealed in a poly bag for protection. Ships flat.

  • ART BY: Devon Whitehead"

Be ready THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18th @ 5 PM EST to grab these Halloween collectibles!


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