Short Film 'Sleep Tight' Is A Throwback To The Horror Comedy Genre Of The 1980's

Sleep Tight is a Horror / Comedy short film telling the tale of an overly attached father, his wheel-chair bound teenage son and the monster that stalks him in the night. This five minute short is a throwback to the horror comedy genre of the 1980's, specifically the work of John Landis and Sam Raimi, the men responsible for such cinematic masterpieces as The Stupids and Spider-Man 3. That means real practical effects and real creature makeup.

"We love HORROR! Specifically, the practical effects-driven flicks that scared the pants off of us when we were little. Too much horror today is reliant on monsters, blood, and guts generated inside a computer. From CHILD'S PLAY to C.H.U.D, we want to 80's horror to rise again!"

If you like your horror old-school with real, in camera, chills tied together with a lush synth soundtrack, then Sleep Tight is right up your alley. Expect chuckles, mayhem, and monsters!

Check out the hilarious crowdfunding video below and donate to the campaign HERE. Follow the film on Facebook to stay updated!


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