Episodic Short Film 'Humanoids From Outer Space' Premiering On YouTube All Month Long

Siôn Griffiths' Humanoids From Outer Space is an online short film that's divided into five parts/chapters. Each chapter will be released every Wednesday throughout October, with the film finale premiering on Halloween. The first three parts have been released on the Los Anglesey YouTube channel. We've also posted them for you to watch below

"A mysterious explosion in the stars causes a meteor carrying a strange alien virus to crash land in Wales bringing with it unspeakable horrors."

Humanoids From Outer Space is a homage to the B-Movies of the 1950s. The film is mostly set in fictional Wales, the Wales of such films as The Wolf Man or The Old Dark House. Retro sci-fi fans will love the film's nostalgic feel and shlockaholics will revel in it's rough edges making Humanoids the metaphoric love-child of Ed Wood and Tommy Wiseau.


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