[Review] Lorena Villarreal's 'Silencio'

Lorena Villarreal delivers a poignant reminder about the passing of time while offering a heartfelt take of what we would do differently if given the chance to alter the past. A past that caused significant change. Silencio was a beautiful film that retells a familiar story with hefty science fiction undertones.

Dr. James (John Noble) investigates a possible UFO landing in the Zone of Silence located just across the border in Mexico. Upon his investigation he notices a metal. Cobalt. Moving with... a purpose. Or at least that's what it appears to be doing. Dr. James and his assistant Peter take it back to the lab for further tests. Dr. James accidentally touches the foreign metal - and our story begins...

Lorena Villarreal sure does show seasoned veteran skill with her sophomore outing. The writer/director weaves effortlessly in and out of the past, present, and future - and THAT is as much of a spoiler that you're gonna get outta me.

Also making considerably strong contributions to the film are definitely the cast. I'll go as far as to say that without those solid performances, the film could've (not necessarily) fallen flat. The vulnerability in which John Noble delivers his lines teeter on heartbreaking. You can feel the warmth of Ana's (Melina Matthews) love for her grandfather and her son. As well as...to tell you would be to spoil. And lastly you can easily put yourself in the shoes of Peter (Rupert Graves) and sympathize with his plight. A plight any... parent...would struggle with.

Silencio is a surreal film of fact and fantasy. It is definitely something lovers of all genres of film can enjoy.


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