'Dead Alive' And 'Bad Taste' 4K Restorations Are Currently In The Works

Before skyrocketing to fame with The Lord of the Rings trilogy, director Peter Jackson created two low budget splatterpieces with Dead Alive and Bad Taste. These two films, beloved by horror fans, have never been restored and re-released...until now! The man himself, Peter Jackson just revealed to Empire’s Film Podcast that 4K restorations are currently in the works for both films! Jackson's Meet the Feebles is also being restored.

“Anything from those films that is available is, like, 1990s Telecine things, which is the best that we had… compared now, they look bloody awful,” Jackson told Empire's podcast. “I just haven’t re-released them because, if I do, I want them to look really good. We’ve actually done some experiments. They look bloody fantastic. They look like they’re shot on 35mm.”

“So yeah, what we’ll do now is.. get really nice 4K copies of these fully restored and back out into circulation again,” he added.

Stay tuned to CryptTeaze for more news on these restorations!


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