[Review] Aaron K. Carter's 'An Hour To Kill'

An Hour to Kill is a fun little indie anthology which may seem amateurish at times, but overall delivers the goods.

The film centers around two hitmen trading stories whilst on a job. Which is where our anthology comes in. The men trade horror stories which may or may not have Act 3 implications.

First story in the anthology is "Valkyrie's Bunker" which is meant to be set in the 80s but looks more like late 90s early 2000s. The short follows a group of girls looking for a treasured weed patch that is/was supposedly guarded and been kept relatively secret to an evil entity. The entity is...watch it and find out for yourself.

The second story is "Assacre." A little bit more disgusting than the first story. It follows what appears to be (but never truly defined) documentary filmmaker entering a food eating competition. After some humorous banter between the two main characters, we somehow end up with them as they sell "the hottest pepper in the world" to the guy whom won the eating competition. The pepper transaction doesn't go as well as hoped and we end up in a blood...bath. Literally.

Lastly is a story entitled "Hog Hunters." Tis a pretty cut and dry piece, this one. Tale of some rednecks that befriend a black gentlemen just before we spiral into the macabre. The rednecks and their new found friend find themselves in quite a predicament as their "hog hunting" goes wrong. However, when it's all said and done, a new friendship with a strong bond is formed.

Look, as far as indie pieces go, this one isn't bad. The story moves at a good enough pace, has enough laughs, and enough memorable characters to call it an enjoyable time. And, if you know how to make a film, you can respect what they did on a shoestring budget.

So, support indie cinema and writer/director Aaron K. Carter and rent this one on Amazon Video.


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