Hawthorne House Films Launches Indiegogo Campaign For Fan Film 'Halloween: The Face Of Michael M

The spirit of Michael Myers descends once again to wreak havoc over Haddonfield.

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of the iconic Halloween franchise and the filmmakers at Hawthorne House Films have launched an Indiegogo Campaign for their innovative fan film, Halloween: The Face of Michael Myers.

"Forty years on from the initial violence that unsettled the suburban community of Haddonfield, IL, a new set of murders rattles the sleepy town. Dr. Benjamin Petersen (Matt Baca) is charged with the psychiatric evaluation of a young man who butchered his entire family. Billy (Tim Robinson) claims the specter of Michael Myers entered his body to satisfy its bloodlust. As the conversations between patient and doctor delve into the dark territory of Billy’s twisted psyche, Benjamin’s own sense of reality fractures, threatening to conjure the infamous spirit and plunge Haddonfield into another blood-soaked Halloween."

Helmed by up and comer Stephen Wolfe, whose first two horror features, Midnight Abyss and Doll Factory, are due out in the near future, this short film fits squarely into its director’s milieu. A lifelong love affair and study of horror cinema mark Wolfe as the visionary filmmaker keen to interpret its undercurrents of social commentary while also delivering on the bloody goods.

With cast and crew assembled, the project is seeking to fulfill a $13,000 fundraising goal on the Indiegogo platform. The campaign offers a variety of unique and inspired horror perks for donating fans, including exclusive pins, posters, shirts, and more! The campaign launches today. Production is slated to begin shortly after with an early 2019 release.

To stay up to date with all the latest developments on the project, be sure to follow Hawthorne House Films on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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