Starbucks' Halloween Special Is A Witch's Brew Frappuccino

Cauldrons bubble, charms ignite. Sip this brew before it vanishes from sight.

Burger King may have owned the Halloween food wars this year with their "Nightmare King" sandwich and "Scary Black Cherry" freeze, but Starbucks has now joined in with their own creepy concoction.

Announced today, the "Witch's Brew Crème Frappuccino" has arrived just in time for Halloween. Featuring powdered lizard scales (green power), bat warts (chia seeds), toad's breath (purple orange crème flavor drink), and swamp fog (whipped topping).

"Our cauldron bubbles with a Halloween Frappuccino Blended Beverage Crème delight that's more treat than trick (or is it?)... The delicious orange crème flavor drink is dotted with imaginary Bat Warts and Lizard Scales."


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