Experience Three Stories Of Torment, Madness And Terror In 'The Devil Makes Three'

Prepare for a bold new vision of horror with The Devil Makes Three, a female-driven anthology film directed by celebrated editor and filmmaker, Stu Silverman. The film presents three stories of torment, madness and terror... each with its own distinct aesthetic and sub-genre. Starring Najarra Townsend (Contracted, Wolf Mother), Micah Fitzgerald ("Westworld," "Fear the Walking Dead"), and Tammie Baird (The Nun, "American Horror Story"), with cinematography by Sung Rae Cho of the Cannes-nominated urban vampire film, The Transfiguration.

Horror fans have eclectic tastes and The Devil Makes Three offers something for everybody: A tense psychological thriller where a mysterious hole in the wall leads to the unraveling of a troubled young woman... A slasher film in the form of a white-knuckle rollercoaster ride to hell, where two motorists are terrorized by a strange woman on a desolate stretch of country road... And finally, an occult mystery/folk horror hybrid, where a journalist accompanies her fiancé to meet her future in-laws but discovers that their strange customs hide a deeper malevolence.

“As lifelong horror fans... this is the kind of film we’ve been dying to see,” said director/co writer Stu Silverman. “A genre film for cinephiles who like their horror both challenging and scary as hell. One that can move you emotionally and also transport you through lush aesthetics, top-notch performances and a palpable sense of atmosphere. A horror experience that will linger long after the credits roll.”

After beginning principal photography earlier this year on the first installment, “Bug”, The Devil Makes Three resumes production in January, hot on the heels of a still-ongoing Kickstarter campaign where passionate horror fans have been rallying in support of original and inspired indie horror.

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