Panos Cosmatos' Idea For A 'Mandy' Sequel Pits Nicolas Cage Against Nazi Punks

...But he probably won't make it.

In a recent interview with IndieWire, director Panos Cosmatos revealed that he has been surprised by the overwhelming success of Mandy and that he does have a sequel idea in mind for the film that would see Red Miller fighting "Nazi punks!" He does admit that a sequel isn't necessarily appealing to him at the moment.

“When I was writing the film, to amuse myself, I imagined a sequel that took place with Red Miller fighting Nazi punks in a bombed-out city,” said Cosmatos. He added, “I don’t know if that would ever happen, but it’s a fun thought.”

“The thing I do miss about the way some sequels were in the past was that each film felt like its own unique, complete tone," Cosmatos continued. "Now, sequels are tonal facsimiles of the ones before them, like a television series, whereas back in the past sequels would often be radically different from the ones before.”

CryptTeaze's Sean Ellis hails the film as "one of the most memorable cinematic experiences of the year!" Mandy arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, October 30th.


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