Witness One Man's Madness As It Transforms Into Horror In Brian Hewitt's 'Transformation

From the director of Rise Up and Fall comes a chilling tale of a serial killer operating in the city of Syracuse, New York.

"A killer who believes that his victims will be serve him after death in his kingdom in Hell. Nardello (Jack Gargaro), a New York City police profiler is tasked to help with the investigation. As his knowledge of serial killers brings him closer to the killer the thin line between reality and dreams are crossed as he is brought into the madness of Transformation."

Written and Directed by Brian Hewitt, Transformation stars Jack Gargaro, Wayne W. Johnson, Anwar Armstrong, Jody Pucello, and Cassandra Hayes.

Check out the film' trailer below and you can order it on DVD from Fiendish Films' webstore!


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