Extreme Horror Film 'Trauma' Is Now Available On Amazon Prime

Artsploitation Films' new Chilean horror movie, Trauma is now available on Amazon Prime. We recently reviewed he film, stating that it is "without a doubt one of the most graphic, savage, and disturbing horror films ever made." If you're a fan of extreme, this is a must-watch!

A relaxing weekend in the countryside turn nightmarish for a group of women when a deranged man and his demonic son brutally attack them. Alone and abandoned, they decide to confront the criminals. A shocking, brutal tale of political and sexual abuse.

Trauma is written and directed by Lucio A. Rojas and stars Catalina Martin, Daniel Antivilo, Macarena Carrere, Ximena del Solar, Felipe Ríos, and Dominga Bofill.

“Trauma is a raw movie – tough, violent, and dramatic. Although by some of its elements it could get close to the exploitation cinema, we went quite further. Some villains which are not from the present, but other times of Chile’s history. The content is extreme, visceral, strictly for people over 18. But it was the only way to tell a story of this sort.” – Director, Lucio A. Rojas

The film is also available on Blu-ray and DVD.


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