Short Film 'Dead Neighbors' Imagines What Inspired George A. Romero To Create 'Night Of

The Night of the Living Dead treats continue to flow in, in celebration of the film's 50th anniversary. This time, in the form of a new short film from Fright Rags. Last year, they celebrated the day after Halloween with a fun Michael Myers short (November First) and now the clothing company is paying homage to George A. Romero's undead classic.

Dead Neighbors is a short film that imagines what inspired young Romero to go on to create his zombie masterpiece. Keep an eye out for original Night of the Living Dead star, Russell Streiner, who plays the cemetery groundskeeper.

"Everyone knows that George A. Romero is the father of the modern zombie movie and that his 1968 masterpiece inspired every ghoul-filled horror flick that followed. But what inspired Romero?...

This is a short film we created to find out what might have sparked the imagination of a bespectacled young George to create his iconic film! If his vision doesn't scare you, you're already dead!

And see if you can recognize our special cast member. He's coming to get you..."


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