A Killer Whale Is Pitted Against A School Of Sharks In 'Alphas,' From The Director Of 'F

Yep, we're sold on that headline alone. It seems as though Voltage Pictures are as well, being that they're fully financing the upcoming feature, titled Alphas. Voltage has brought in Steven Quale (Final Destination 5) to direct.

Quale, James Cameron’s protégée and second unit director on Avatar and Titanic and whose directing credits include Final Destination 5 and Into The Storm, will direct Alphas from a screenplay by Frank Hannah (The Cooler).

ScreenDaily reports the "underwater thriller that is being lined up as an effects-heavy tentpole that takes place in a coastal community terrorized by a school of sharks. The townspeople decide the only way to deal with the man-eating threat is to unleash a damaged killer whale held for years in solitary confinement after it killed its trainer."

Voltage CEO Nicolas Chartier is producing for Voltage Pictures, alongside Pierre Morel and Sentient Entertainment.

This is definitely a project we'll be keeping an eye on. Stick with us for further updates!


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