'It Comes' VR Experience Will Take You On A Chilling Trek Through The Woods Of Sweden And No

Technology has forever altered the entertainment and mass media marketplace, especially in the horror industry! Soon to be released, this Virtual Reality experience with an interactive app titled It Comes, takes the viewer into a fully immersive experience in the woods of Sweden and Norway.

The experience definitely features Blair Witch Project vibes. Check out the trailer below!

"Nearly two decades after their mother's mysterious disappearance, Sophia and Kassie Lind receive an anonymous photo of their mother held captive in a remote village in Norway. Though doubtful of the photo's authenticity, the sisters are certain the cryptic photo holds the key to solving the decades-old question of their mother's disappearance. Along with a film crew, the sisters set out on a cross-country trek to uncover the truth. The village, long since abandoned, is said to be roamed by the Norwegian boogieman – the Buse Mann. Confined to the village by an ancient curse, legend has it that for the curse to be lifted the Buse Mann's name must be repeated 3 times by a living descendant of the village. Along the trek, on a drunken dare, mention of the demon's name has set it free... now it comes for them, comes for us all."

For more information, visit: http://www.isparkedstudios.com/


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