IDW Has Turned George Romero's Unmade Zombie Film 'Road Of The Dead' Into A Comic Series

Before his untimely passing, George Romero had plans to continue his living dead storyline with a new film titled Road of the Dead. After Romero passed away, the directorial duties were passed to Matt Birman, who also co-wrote the film with Romero.

In the film that takes place six years after Land of the Dead, prisoners are forces to race in a death race of sorts for the amusement of wealthy individuals.

“In the darkest days of the zombie apocalypse, the last safe place on earth is anything but, as a mad despot uses the spectacle of high octane carnage to keep control of his populous.”

Last we heard, Birman is still directing but the film seems to be at a standstill in pre-production. Luckily, IDW is giving fans of the undead something nice to munch on and make the wait more bearable.

Previewed by SYFY Wire, IDW today released a comic book mini-series adaptation that serves as a prequel to the film.

The site details, “Road of the Dead: Highway To Hell is a three-issue miniseries written by New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry (V-Wars) with insane interior art by Drew Moss (Copperhead). This shocking series acts as an over-the-top prequel to Romero’s final zombie film and expands upon the horrific mythology.”

“The storyline has legions of deadheads feasting on the living as a young female scientist holds the secret to a possible cure for the savage pandemic. On the run for her life, famished zombies, looney looters, and ruthless biker gangs hit the road to try and stop this savior, while lovable losers in muscle cars and a hijacked Abrams tank risk everything to save her.”

Issue #1 of Road of the Dead: Highway to Hell is available today from your local comic shop.


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