Throw An Undead Party With The Official 'Night of the Living Dead' Party Kickstarter

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Night of the Living Dead, Living Dead Media have partnered with Image Ten, Inc. (the original production company of Night of the Living Dead) to help you create the ultimate "Living Dead" anniversary celebration. In recent weeks, the companies have released new merch, put the film back in theaters, announced an official sequel, and have now launched an exclusive and official Night of the Living Dead Party Kickstarter.

The Party Kickstarter will get you all the gear you need to throw the undead party of the century, from glassware, to party balloons, to Night of the Living Dead playing cards and more. Just as there are rules to zombie movies, there are rules to zombie parties, so the Party Kickstarter will come with a complete guidebook packed full of great suggestions from what to wear, games to play, festive drink recipes, and recommendations for what to serve to your zombie loving revelers.

"Over the years, we've been to some pretty awesome "Night of the Living Dead" and zombie themed parties. They've been so great we decided that everyone should be able to have a blast when they party. So, we got together to create the ultimate Night of the Living Dead Party Kickstarter. No matter what you’re celebrating or where you’re doing it, this Party Kickstarter will make it memorable."

Head on over to the Kickstarter campaign to contribute and learn more.


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