'Friday The 13th Part III' Star Larry Zerner Breaks Down The Ongoing Franchise Legal Battle

If you've been following the turmoil regarding the legal issues plaguing the Friday the 13th franchise, you should know by now that Victor Miller has won his lawsuit to regain control of the franchise's rights. But what exactly does that entail?

It just so happens that Larry Zerner, the actor who played Shelley in Friday the 13th: Part III, is an entertainment lawyer, meaning he's probably got his head wrapped around this complex situation better than most. In a recent interview with Slash ‘N Cast, YouTube’s “#1 source for all horror news, reviews, unboxings, and horror gaming." Zerner breaks down the current legalese in terms that are a whole lot easier to understand.

Set aside a half hour and watch the conversation below, especially if seeking clarity on the current status of the franchise.


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