[Review] Aaron Mento's 'Ugly Sweater Party'

After a murderous rampage, Detective Brolin detains Declan Rains with no intention of giving proper justice. Declan dies while wearing his Satanic sweater and his spirit clings to the garb waiting for the next vessel. Ugly Sweater Party introduces us to two friends, Jody and Cliff, on their way to a Christmas Party. They hope to reunite with some hot twins, Susan and Samantha, for another night of fun, a journey worth the travel and preparations. Only a few miles away from the camp, a rereading of the invitation text reveals that they’re missing the main theme of the party, and they are without their ugly Christmas sweaters. Declan’s sweater reappears on the back of the Detective now drifter looking for funds, but Jody and Cliff find they can strike a deal and buy the sweater. The influences take effect immediately, but at least now Cliff is dressed for the party! Upon arriving, they discover the real reason for the party is not to get laid, quite the opposite as the twins have become born again virgins and intend to celebrate their new celibacy in their parents “Christ Camp” though not devoid of plenty sexual tensions from the party’s guests.

As the sweater’s power grows stronger, consuming Cliff through his blood sacrifices, Jody and camp hired help goth psychic Hanna devise a plan to conquer the evil taking over Cliff: “Let’s just take it off him.” Simple right? All part of the humor element that really ties this movie together. The amount of jokes and moments that cause a laugh is incredible and by far the shining feature of Ugly Sweater Party, as if the ridiculous premise wasn’t enough.

An aspect that we must keep in mind with Ugly Sweater Party is that this is a lower budget film, so approach this movie knowing you’re not going to have stellar camera work, the lighting is going to be a bit off, and the acting is appropriate for the fun script that never submitted under the influence of wealthy production conglomerates.

Hunter Johnson and Charles Chudabala, with the addition of Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) and Sean Whalen (The People Under the Stairs), give fantastic and hilarious performances in roles that probably gained more dedication and care than intended. Ugly Sweater Party provides more honest laughs and amusement in a collage of situations that should leaving you asking “What the hell just happened?”

The Christmas massacre comedy will be available exclusively on Amazon Instant Video starting November 23rd!


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