Video Details The Unmade 'Hellraiser' Remake Script That Was Written By Clive Barker

Back in 2014, Clive Barker was attached to remake Hellraiser and actually submitted a finished script for Dimension Films. Of course, Dimension didn't end up taking the script into production and instead made Hellraiser: Judgement, which was a decent film but did very little in terms of saving the franchise.

It's not often that you see a director remaking his own film, so to see Clive Barker reiterate his best work would've been rather interesting to say the least. Though well most likely never see this film happen, YouTuber Mr. H Reviews has detailed the unmade script, offering insight into a new vision of Barker's classic Hellraiser.

The script hasn't surfaced online but, from those that have read it, Mr. H pieced everything together to explore what this Hellraiser remake was going to be. This is a highly recommended watch!


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