A24 And Apple Partner To Produce Multiple Films Over The Course Of Several Years

A24 is easily on the of the best production/distribution companies in terms of genre films. Releasing films such as Green Room, Hereditary and The Witch, there's no doubt that they're a favorite among horror fans.

So it may interest you to know that the company has entered into an agreement to produce films with Apple.

Reported by Indiewire, “A24 and Apple have entered an agreement that will see the film studio produce multiple features for Apple over the course of several years.”

Being that A24 doesn't only deal in horror, releasing films like Room, Moonlight, and Manchester By the Sea, we're not sure if there will be any horror films involved with this deal. The site notes that 2018 has been the six year old companies most successful year, so it's really no surprise that Apple wants a cut.

No further details on the partnership have been released but we'll be sure to let you know when they are!


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