Eibon Press Is Releasing Fulci's 'New York Ripper' Collector's Pack For Black Friday

If you're not familiar with Eibon Press, we're here to tell you that you're missing out on some of the goriest, most insane comics available! The comic company is no stranger to the works of Lucio Fulci, as they've adapted both Zombie and his "Gates of Hell Trilogy" into a comic book series.

Today, Bloody Disgusting has reported that Eibon is turning to Fulci's work once again for an upcoming one-shot based on The New York Ripper. As a part of their Black Friday offerings, the company previewed a special "Collector's Pack" that includes a preview poster for The New York Ripper, a sample of the comic’s official soundtrack on vinyl, a “Fulci Lives” sticker and a 15% off coupon for the upcoming comic!

Owner Stephen Romano told the site...

“We’re always trying to do cool new things for our fans, and things we really like, too. Since we announced MANIAC VS. THE NEW YORK RIPPER, we’ve had so many requests for a Ripper solo comic, and so we’re cooking up a special one-shot issue that will be both a prequel and a sequel to the classic film! It’s going to be a major blood bath in the best Eibon Press tradition, and it will even have an original SOUNDTRACK to accompany the mayhem! The whole thing is already shaping up really well, but we have a lot on our plate, so it won’t be out for a while.”

“We’re really excited about it, though, so we wanted to give the fans a taste of what’s coming, in time for the holidays. So as part of our Black Friday rollout, we’re offering the NEW YORK RIPPER COLLECTOR’S PREVIEW SET, which is an amazing poster of Pat Carbajal’s art from the comic and a sample of the soundtrack album on vinyl flexi-disc! Remember those flexi-disc things? They’re actual vinyl records, but they’re thin plastic ones, with art on them. They used to come in magazines as promo items. We think those are so cool, so we cooked up one for the RIPPER preview pack. It’s a picture disc with art from the comic, just insane, over-the-top stuff. You get that, plus some other cool collector’s stuff with the set. When we do stuff like this, we’re always trying to come up with something WE would really like, and WE would really want to add to our collection. And we’ve got some other cool Black Friday stiff coming too. We’re announcing that in a few days. We’re also celebrating the close of out MANIAC comic series with issue three, and so we wanted to do something special for that too. Be very afraid.”

Check out the contents of the pack below and be sure to visit www.eibonpress.com to order yours on Thursday, November 22nd at 7pm!


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