Behind The Scenes Photos Show The Gruesome Injury Michael Myers Suffered In 'Halloween' 2018

Spoilers. Don't check out these photos if you haven't seen the film.

Laurie has left Michael scarred and bruised after both of their confrontations with one another. In the original Halloween, she stabbed him in the neck with a knitting needle and in the eye with a clothes hanger. 40 years later, she deals even more disfiguring blows, literally. Michael's fingers are blown off by a shotgun!

In the behind the scenes photos below, actor James Jude Courtney is seen with his "missing finger" hand prosthetic, giving us a rather detailed look at the carnage caused by Laurie.

When Michael inevitably returns in a sequel to this year's Halloween, his killing will be slightly hindered to using only eight fingers. We think he'll manage well regardless.


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