[Review] Alberto Corredor's Short Film 'Baghead'

Death is one of those things that cause people to grieve in different ways and sometimes encourage people to go towards extreme measures. The keeper advises Kevin (Oliver Walker) to “take his grief elsewhere” but his purpose lies in looking for answers, and she is the only one who can get them. She is a witch with an peculiar ability to connect people to the dead, Kevin can pull the secrets of the dead directly from the source where forgiveness or a last sincere goodbye is not in order.

Baghead nailed all of the elements perfectly. The atmosphere and setting are perfectly rustic and creepy with a beautifully drab color palette maintained throughout by restricting the setting in only two different rooms, and a setting that goes beyond worlds. The effects have the perfect balance in giving contrast to beauty and horror. Through the true beauty in this film is the genuine nature to capture the human emotion through the characters’ interactions between confusion and suspicion.

Baghead is overall a terrifying look into the aftermath of death and suspicion. It brings the common questions of being able to speak to the ones you loved and what you would really ask. The answers might horrify you, but the given the opportunity what you would you do with the chance?

Alberto Corredor's Baghead has been majorly successful throughout its festival run, with multiple wins already under its belt. You can see the film next at Kinofilm Fest in Manchester and NYC Horror Film Fest!


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