Guillermo Del Toro To Produce 'Terrified' Remake For Fox

Demian Rugna‘s Argentinian scarefest Terrified (Aterrados) was a major success out of Fantastic Fest and easily one of the creepiest films of recent years. Today, we have news via ScreenAnarchy that Guillermo del Toro will be producing a remake for Fox Searchlight.

Now, I would be rather bummed by this news, even with my vast love for del Toro, but the site also reports that Rugna is directing the U.S. remake of his own film.

“Because of his fascination with the paranormal, a police officer on the brink of retirement is asked to investigate a series of strange deaths happening doors apart from each other. There he meets a famed paranormal investigator who is looking into a disappearance in the area as well. Together, with another paranormal enthusiast, they look into these strange incidents and uncover a terrifying connection.”

I'm very intrigued to see what comes of this project. Stay tuned to CryptTeaze for more updates on the Terrified remake.

You can stream Terrified now on Shudder.


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