[Trailer] Documentary 'Searching For Cannibal Holocaust' Chows Down On The Infamous Film

For almost 40 years, Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust has been a controversial and dividing film in the horror community, so horror fans hold it in high regards, while other think it's a waste of celluloid. This writer happens to love the shocking film and is happy to report that an in-depth documentary is now in the works from film critic Calum Waddell.

Previewed this week by Rue Morgue, Searching for Cannibal Holocaust is “basically, it is the story of how Cannibal Holocaust has impacted upon the lives of a number of people, including myself,” Waddell tells the site. He notes that Cannibal Holocaust “has arguably the most fanatical following of any horror film I have come across."

For the film, Waddell interview several of the actors from Cannibal Holocaust and even traveled to Amazonian filming locations. You can check out the preview trailer below.


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