[Trailer] There's A New Enemy When 'The Walking Dead' Returns In February

Though "The Walking Dead" hit an all time low for viewers after Rick's departure from the show, but Season 9, for many fans, has been an exciting breath of fresh air and we can't wait to see what the second half has to offer!

Last nights mid-season finale brought a new threat to the show in the for of The Whisperers, a group of psychopaths who walk around with skinned zombie face over their own. Basically, this puts the show back into horror territory and that's a great thing!

A 1-minute teaser has been released that show of the remaining 8 episodes of Season 9. Ryan Hurst and Samantha Morton will be playing leaders Beta and Alpha in the second half of the season.

"The Walking Dead" Mid-Season 9 premiere episode will air on AMC on Sunday, February 10th at 9:00pm ET. We'll keep CryptTeaze readers up to date on further details when they're available.


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