First Look At Next Year's 'The Legend of Boggy Creek' 4K Restoration

Long unavailable on Blu-ray, Charles B. Pierce’s 1972 film The Legend of Boggy Creek has amassed a huge cult following over the years. We're certain that fans of the film will be happy to know that the film is currently being restored in 4K by the George Eastman Museum for an upcoming Blu-ray.

Observer-Reporter notes that, “Pamela Pierce Barcelou (the director’s daughter) has partnered with the George Eastman Museum to restore “The Legend of Boggy Creek” in 4K resolution for an eventual Blu-Ray and theatrical release. This will be the first time the film has been seen in its proper, Techniscope format since the original theatrical release.”

Adding, “The restoration is being performed using the original negative from Technicolor and original prints. The elements will also be stored and cared for by museum.”

The remastered version of The Legend of Boggy Creek will premiere on June 14th, 2019 at the Perot Theatre in Texarkana, TX. Preview the restoration in the video below.


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