Artsploitation Films Partners With Film Festival Flix To Launch Online Streaming Channel

Artsploitation Films release some of the best foreign and independent films on the market and today we have news that the label has partnered with Film Festival Flix to launch a brand new channel that will feature the best of foreign films – horror, cult, erotic, and beyond.

This amazing streaming online channel catalogs the Artsploitation collection like no other place on the internet. The channel digs deep into the archives of Artsploitation showcasing some classic filmmaking gems as well as highlighting great newer movies.

The new Artsploitation channel on Film Festival Flix will include Red Christmas, Horsehead, The House of 1,000 Eyes, Hidden in the Woods, Horror Stories, Memory of the Dead, Vanishing Waves, Clip, Hemel, Chasing the Muse, Gandu, Der Samurai, Toad Road, Animals, The Treatment, and more.

Check out the Artsploitation Channel to start watching today! Viewers can sign up for a monthly subscription (with the first month free), purchase a 30 day pass, or rent individual films.


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