'The Predator' Concept Art Shows Off Predator/Monkey Hybrids That Didn't Make The Cut

Arriving on Blu-ray and DVD next month and now available digitally, Shane Black’s The Predator was originally going to feature Predator/Monkey hybrid creatures, but they just didn't make it into the film.

Today, we have several pieces of concept art of the creatures to share with you via AvP Galaxy. The creatures were planned as the result of Predators experimenting with animal DNA.

Concept artist Constatine Sekeris explains further, “Today I’m sharing a Predator Hybrid Multi Limb Monkey creature. Production designer Martin Whist and Shane Black had notes exactly that of multi limb hybrid Predator monkey. Typically I spend some time exploring in sketch phase if I have the time with simple paper and pencil. For this creature I had to jump right into 3D and blast out something pretty quickly in a night or 2 after hours. Early part of the script there were a lot of different hybrid creatures that Tully Summers and myself tackled. I’m not sure if 3D were in the ship in the pods or the Predator Scientists/Emmisaries were experimenting with different animals and mixing DNA. I think there were some initial quick ideas and wanted to see some quick options to explore if it was something to refine later. In the end all that was cut out of the final edit of the film.”

Check the ugly monkeyf**kers below!


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