[Gift Guide] 'Misery' Royal Keys Paperweight From Suntup Editions

Looking for the perfect gift for that special horror fanatic in your life? We've got you covered! Our holiday gift guide highlights some of the best products that are not only awesome, but affordable! Just doing our part to make your holiday shopping that much easier!

This next gift is the perfect accessory to any horror lover's desk. The Misery Royal Keys Paperweight from Suntup Editions features two genuine Royal typewriter keys. These are the keys they purchased to create their Lettered edition of Misery. There were many keys left over, which are now being repurposed to produce this unique limited edition collectible.

Even cooler, if you are a current Misery owner registered in Suntup's system, and you place an order for a paperweight, they will match your letter or number, which is laser engraved on the paperweight.

You may also purchase this item if you do not own an edition of Misery, and you will be assigned an available number, also engraved on the paperweight.

Ordering is now open, and shipping will be in approximately 2 weeks. This is a one-time run only and will not be remade once it has sold out!

Order your Misery Royal Keys Paperweight today!


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