Trick Or Treat Studios' New 'Halloween' 2018 Props Include Officer Francis' Severed

Trick or Treat Studios continue to celebrate Halloween one month later (they celebrate it all year long). In addition to two versions of Michael Myers 2018 mask (regular and bloody editions), the company has just put two more great Halloween 2018 products up for pre-order!

The first being a Michael Myers eye appliance, selling for $14.99. This is meant to be worn under you Michael mask to bring a whole new realistic look to your appearance. This wound is of course the result of a nasty clothes hanger injury inflicted by Laurie Strode in the original Halloween. This appliance comes directly from the movie master mold.

Then we have this beautifully gruesome Officer Francis severed head prop ($89.99). In the film, Michael cuts off his head and carves it up like a jack o' lantern! This insanely detailed prop comes directly from the movie master and is an exact replica of the version seen in the film.

Only 500 eye appliances were made and only 650 of the severed heads have been produced in the first production. Both are expected to ship in February 2019.

Visit Trick or Treat Studios to shop their Halloween 2018 collection.


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